Our Cause

GC Green is a General Contracting firm providing Veteran-based workforce and construction solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

General Contracting Green

We work on energy efficiency audits and improvements, water conservation, and a broad list of renewable technologies from solar to wind power to biofuels to fuel cells.  Our customers range from single family residences to multi-family developments to commercial buildings and a broad list of government clients including municipalities, water districts, and of course military bases.  With our ability to scale up or scale down to meet a customer’s needs; no project is truly too large or too small.

Government Contracts Green

We are a certified Native-American, Woman, and Service Disable Veteran Owned Company.  We bid both directly on contract opportunities and also team with select Prime Contractors.  Our core competency is to leverage our bidding advantages and combine it with the measurable value of a bringing projects a dynamic pool of specifically-matched labor and qualified subcontractors which are able to be uniquely sourced by GC Green from a network of Veterans and Veteran-Owned Companies. 

Growing Communities Green

We believe our part of the challenge of building a truly sustainable green economy is to develop both a competent trained workforce set of skilled subcontractors and connecting those resources with projects and opportunities.  Our passion is a focus on providing this for Veterans. We actively participate in developing and implementing training programs especially those for transitioning Veterans and for out of work or under-employed Veterans attempting to overcome their unique challenges in today’s economy.  We then engage with constant outreach and marketing to prospective project developers and large institutions to let them know the benefit of investing both in Green and in Veterans.

Get Connected Green

“Getting Green Done with Veterans” is our mantra.  But we know we can’t do it just by ourselves.  That is why we continuously seek to partner with like-minded organizations that share our vision.  This has led to the broadest spectrum of affiliations from Chambers of Commerce to large companies such as WalMart to uniquely focused non-profits such as Operation Free and The Truman Project.  We invite you to reach out to us to see how we can work collaboratively to build a Red, White, Blue and Green America.